Technology Transfer

After 20 years of experience Why we success, For us testing lab is our surrounding, everywhere we see innovations, All AMP tech product tested and promoted by market expert users with all age groups AMP tech has fashioned to purchase individual customer problems.

BY putting hard work, smart effort, tested by market experts and their suggestions. Hence the market has confidence in themself , all thinks are suggested by them, AMP tech is fallowing truth full mirror that is market, they are taking care of AMP tech. we are following them.

From 20 year dedicated study and smart innovative products, those they touch the actual hard beet of people they aggressively adopt AMP tech product. And they promote AMP tech product buy market

  • Enjoy results
  • Effortless use
  • Customer satisfactions
  • Maintenance free
  • Life time
  • Up gradations in existing products
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple to understand
  • Asset saving
  • Consume less space
  • High speed

Currently, we are into Technology transfer for products

  1. 3D wheel alignment LCV
  2. Digital air inflator from Bick to truck
  3. Nitrogen generator for cars and truck

We officially provide 100% details and training to manufacture their own brand products.

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