T-22: Tyre Changer

T-22H: Tyre Changer

T-22: Tyre Changer



Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Working Air Pressure 0.8 1.0 Mpa
Power Rate 1.1-0.75 kw
Inner Rim Diameter 8.5’’-24.5’’
Rim width 3’’-10’’
Max Wheel Diameter 38’’
Average Rotate Speed 6.8 rpm
Bead Breaking Force 2000 kg
Net Weight Approx 200 kg
Packing Dimension 980 x 880 x 960 mm
Size 1060 X 710 X 1180
Rotating Speed 200 RPM

It could handle the motorcycle wheel with the wheel axle and brake block the wheel.


The sliding claw block makes it have wider working scope for the rim of automobile and motorcycle from 8.5’’ to 24.5’’


This is working on 19’’ rim on the motorcycle wheel.


That is working on 9’’ rim of the motorcycle wheel.


Quilted clamp cover and plastic insert for mount/demount head protect the rim from scratching.


By adjusting micro manipulator control knob, the perfect control between the rim and the duck head reached and avoid the damage to rim.


Rotatable universal bead breaker solves different size tyre varying in center-height. The course of bead breaker is increased to suit wide tyre.

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